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Classified Defense - Gas Block Dimple Jig - Tool Kit
Classified Defense - Gas Block Dimple Jig - Tool Kit

Classified Defense - Gas Block Dimple Jig - Tool Kit

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Here at Classified Defense our goal is to provide you, our customers, with the highest level quality items. When we see an issue that is in need of a tool, we design the tool and sell it. However, we can also appreciate quality tools that other manufacturers produce. Sometimes, the wheel does not need to be redesigned, it simply needs to be refined. That is exactly what we did here with our Gas Block Dimple Jig. We used a top notch dimple jig made by the great folks over at SLR Rifleworks® and added some Classified Defense refinement to it. 

The dimple jig made by SLR Rifleworks® is a great tool. The jig allows you to dimple for 5 different set screw spacing. The five center to center spacings are .400"/.425"/.450"/.470"/.500". Typically we only use one dimple underneath the gas port to aid in proper alignment of the gas block. 

After using the jig for years, one thing also stood out to us. The included set screw was too long. When threaded into the gas port, the set screw was above flush. The set screw being above flush never allowed for the dimple jig to sit flat in our drill press vise. Simple solution, we sourced a shorter set screw with more of an angle at the tip. This allows for better gas port alignment along with the ability for the jig to sit flat. The next issue that we had was with the provide drill bit. The provide drill bit was made from HSS(High Speed Steel). Anyone who has used a HSS drill bit to drill through Nitride knows that the bit doesn't last very long because of how hard the surface of the Nitride is. Insert our short length Cobalt Drill bit. The increased drill bit life is worth the cost difference alone in our opinion. Next, when drilling a dimple, how deep is too deep? We found the perfect depth over many years of testing. Included in the kit is a drill bit collar already setup to the correct depth along with two pin gauges. When you're finally ready to replaced the drill bit, the two pin gauges can be used to space the drill bit collar to the proper height. Thus, making the proper depth dimple. 

We feel that we have refined an already good tool into a great tool. You won't be disappointed. 

What's Included
  1. Set Screws - x2
    1. Original Screw Screw included with jig
    2. Refined Set Screw
  2. Hex Wrenches - x2
  3. Drill Bit with Preset Stop Collar
  4. Pin Gauges - x2

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