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Remove Permanently Attached Muzzle Device
Remove Permanently Attached Muzzle Device

Remove Permanently Attached Muzzle Device

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One of the most difficult things in life to commit to is pinning and welding a muzzle device. More often than not this means that you'r stuck that the muzzle device for the life of the barrel. However, we can solve those commitment issues with this service. We will mill away just enough of the muzzle device so we can get the pin to pop out of the hole, remove the pin, and then thread the muzzle device off. 

Please Note: 
  • There will still be a hole in the threads where the muzzle device was pinned, if it was pinned properly.
  • The muzzle device will be machined in order to remove the welded pin. However, in some instances, the muzzle device may be reusable. As long as you don't mind the milling marks/missing material where the pin was.
  • Return Shipping is NOT included in this price. We will contact you once your services are complete to arrange shipping. 
  • Please make sure that your contact information is accurate. We will be using the information from your checkout to send you your return shipment and contact you if needed.
  • Please make sure you are sending us a complete list of parts unless purchasing some items from us. However, In the rare event that your package does arrive missing something, we will contact you and discuss to discuss your options.
Removed Permanently Attached Muzzle Device
  1. Mill pinned and welded area down to expose blind pin through muzzle device into threads of the barrel. 
  2. Remove blind pin from barrel threads.
  3. Unthread muzzle device from the barrel.
  4. Individually wrap/bag all components to ensure they aren't damaged during shipping.
  5. Install protective cap on bare threads and/or chamber to prevent shipping damage if applicable.

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