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Classified Defense - 3/4' Muzzle Device Wrench - .250' Thick - Heavy Duty
Classified Defense - 3/4' Muzzle Device Wrench - .250' Thick - Heavy Duty

Classified Defense - 3/4" Muzzle Device Wrench - .250" Thick - Heavy Duty

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The goal here at Classified Defense was always to give everyone what they wanted. However, it quickly became evident to us that not everyone wanted the same thing. Almost all of our customers wanted a wrench that would fit on Surefire® Muzzle device. We are giving you that with this wrench. This wrench will work with Surefire devices that have 3/4" flats, along with any other muzzle device that has 3/4" flats, and 1/4" of thickness for the wrench to fit in.

We noticed that aside from the above mentioned parameters, we had two opposing views on what material the wrenches should be made from. Some customers wanted a muzzle device wrench that not even the Hulk would be able to break. Other customers want a wrench that allowed them to install muzzle devices without having to worry about leaving behind any marks. This wrench has kept us up long hours trying to find a single solution for both customers. However, simply put, there is nothing that will provide both customers with what they wanted in one wrench. That is why we made the decision to make this wrench in two different versions. 

This version of the 3/4" Muzzle Device Wrench is our Heavy Duty Version. Heavy Duty Version means exactly what you think it means. This wrench is the toughest, hardest, and most bad ass wrench that you will find. 

We recommend this wrench for removal of muzzle devices that are beyond stubborn. The caveat to this wrench is that because it is so hard and so tough, you may put marks on the muzzle device. This is the only muzzle device wrench that the "my gun is a tool" type of guy will ever need!  

Like all of our wrenches, this wrench is precision cut using a high power laser.

  • Manufacturer - Classified Defense
  • Material - .250" Thick 4130 Steel - Hardened to 50-52 HRC
  • Finish - Black Oxide


Classified Defense tools should only be used by a qualified gunsmith. Classified Defense assumes no liability for any damages caused due to misuse of our products.

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