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Classified Defense - Delrin Picatinny Alignment Vise Jaw Set - 6'
Classified Defense - Delrin Picatinny Alignment Vise Jaw Set - 6'

Classified Defense - Delrin Picatinny Alignment Vise Jaw Set - 6"

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One concern that people are faced with when installing a rail on an AR15 or AR10 is the alignment between the upper receiver and the rail. Until now, there was only one tool available on the market made for this task. We quickly addressed a few problems with the current tool offering. The first issue was that tool is made from steel. If you aren't careful when you are using that tool you could easily damage the finish of your rifle. The second issue is that the tool costs approximately $100.00. Lastly, the current offering wouldn't allow you to align an upper receiver with a Bravo Company Manufacturing® rail. The anti-rotation tab incorporated by BCM® interfered with the ability to clamp both the upper and rail together.

So how did we make it better you may ask?

Well, most importantly, the set of vise jaws we offer are made from Delrin. This means that you can firmly clamp any Picatinny rail without damaging it. Secondly, we made it at a price point that we felt was more affordable. The third improvement is that this tool was specifically designed with the Bravo Company Manufacturing® rail system in mind. We added a notch in the center of the jaws. This allows you to clamp the upper and rail together for perfect alignment. Our final addition to the set of vise jaws we felt really filled a void in the current offerings on the market. We added a notch that allows you to clamp the gas tube. Anyone who has fired a decent amount of ammunition through an AR15/AR10 knows that the gas tube easily becomes carbon locked into the gas block. Our vise jaws will allow you to firmly clamp the gas tube without damaging it. Then you can simply tap the back of the upper receiver to loosen up the carbon locked gas tube.

Another benefit to using this tool is that it allows you to retain the zero position of your rail mounted laser aiming devices. Theoretically, if you install the rail using this tool then remove and reinstall the rail using the same vise jaws, the zero position should be the same.

*NOTE: There are two Identical Vise Jaws Per set.*

  • Manufacturer - Classified Defense
  • Material - Black Delrin
  • Length - 6 Inches


Classified Defense tools should only be used by a qualified gunsmith. Classified Defense assumes no liability for any damages caused due to misuse of our products.

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